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Understand what your guests think of your service.

GUESTPOWER is an online guest and customer survey that our clients can access to monitor how satisfied their guests are. It’s a Guest Feedback system that strengthens your relationship with your guests and allows you to deliver top-class service.

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Special service insights allow you to upgrade your service and improve your Trip Advisor positioning.


One click to your own dedicated hyperlink gives your guests access to a specially-designed online questionnaire that's mobile friendly and can be completed in minutes.

  • Understand what guests think about your service and track your performance over time.

  • Get feedback on urgent issues BEFORE your guests leave so you can put right any problems and thank guests for great reviews. Benefit from better reviews on Trip Advisor and OTAs once guests leave.

  • Respond to your customers' reviews via e-mail once they've left your hotel to strengthen your relationship with them.

  • Customised questions to meet the specific circumstances of your resort or hotel.

  • Receive quarterly service recommendations from experts to offer top-class service.


It's simple to set-up the standard survey form. You can set up GUESTPOWER at our website, e-mail or call us. We review your recent online assessments as a baseline, do some minor customisation to your questionnaire and add your logo. You get a unique link to the online form to pass on to your guests. We send you our GUESTPOWER guidelines to ensure you get the best response rate from your guests.

You can check-out our core survey form at: http://tiny.cc/purplebrand

What you get:

You get a monthly summary of your guest data to tell you how you've performed with basic breakdowns including guests' gender and region of origin. Based on your results, we make recommendations for service improvements. You can also respond directly to individual guests (or we can do that on your behalf).