Make your brand count

Brands that have purpose, character and integrity are the ones consumers love, champion and remain loyal to. They are also the ones that perform best for their owners.

Purple has been in the branding business for more than twenty years. We know how to make brands count. To make your brand the one that customers think of first, get enthusiastic about online and choose in preference to those of your rivals.

Is it an easy task? No, it’s a journey.

Some things can be done quickly others need time to have their effect. A clear vision and sense of purpose are the essential starting points.

We'd like you to join the ranks of the 'brands that count'.

Let's start the journey.

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Some of the clients we've worked for

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Purple's 22nd Year

Looking around today it’s clear that the business and branding ideas that Purple was set up to champion over 20 years ago are more relevant than ever - especially in the dynamic markets of South East Asia where we operate.

The need for definitive strategy, a distinctive positioning and the imagination and enthusiasm to make it all happen are still at the core of building great brands.

Indeed, the speed with which ideas are now transmitted around the world make Purple’s founding principles more relevant than ever.

Let’s get together and start your branding journey.

Mark Grudzinski
Founder & Managing Director
Purple Branding & Marketing