Managing your Brand Experience - Living your Brand Heartbeat

We examine your Brand Experience holistically. It includes both the traditional components such as its brand identity and packaging as well as the design of products and services themselves, as well as retail and service environments and front-line service encounters. See this in terms of the customer journey and all sorts of new opportunities to offer a better brand experience will emerge.

Delivering service that encapsulates your Brand Heartbeat is fundamental to creating the right Brand Experience.

We work with you map out your customer journey and define your Brand Experience and create your Signature Service Style successfully uniting all the expressions of your brand. We work with digital specialists who ensure that every user experience and customer experience are in sync.

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Service Design and Brand Experience

Services need to be designed with the same rigour and care as a highly engineered product, with nothing left to chance. We specialise in the design and enhancement of service experiences throughout the customer journey.

Originating from work with such leading services businesses as Virgin Atlantic Airways, QANTAS, Emirates and Ritz-Carlton Hotels, our expertise spans all aspects of service sector marketing and branding.

Our Service Design Process

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We start by mapping out your current Customer Journey and the Experience at each point.   

  • Where are your service high-points and vulnerabilities?

  • How do you perform in a market/competitive context?

  • What insights can we distil to identify new opportunities for service improvements or enhancements to position you effectively against your competitors?

  • We work closely with you to redesign your services so that they offer the customer a meaningful experience with clear bottom-line benefits for you.

Purple is a member of Practical Service Design - a network of over 2,000 service design specialists. This gives us the support of some of the brightest minds on this important topic.