Brands as ideologies

Branding has evolved in response to an increasingly sophisticated and demanding consumer. Brands can no longer just be labels. They need to be ideologies – ways of looking at the world. It’s a tale of two brands. Those that stand for something special and deliver it – and everyone else. Those who make an emotional connection with the consumer – and those who do not.

Think about what matters to you as an organisation. What are you passionate about? Have you seeded these passions in your people? Do your customers and business partners know what your passions are? Can they feel it from how you behave, how you look, what you say? In this way you can define a niche – and own it.

Characteristics of great brands include:

  • They offer a distinctive difference that's relevant and meaningful to their target market.
  • They are optimistic and inspiring, taking us somewhere new (visionary).
  • They are emotionally engaging.
  • They allow us to express who we are - sometimes help to define us.
  • They deliver more than they promise.

These are the important first steps in getting out of the commodity trap that so many businesses now face.

Purple specialises in building and boosting powerful service sector brands by helping clients stand for something special and delivering it without compromise.