Taking a holistic approach to creating the brand experience

brand experience1.jpeg

Brand owners need to carefully manage the brand experiences their customers receive. Nothing can be left to chance. Brand experience is particularly important for service businesses.

Purple reviews the complete customer journey and advises on how best the experience can best be managed at each stage.

If we take the hospitality industry as an example there is a need to consider everything from the initial part of the customer journey such as the website, the experience of reservations (often in the hands of Online Travel Agents), the arrival experience, the stay itself right the way through to check-out.

During their stay guests need to be well looked after. Managing the experience involves well-trained staff and ensuring rooms are fresh and clean to offering mouthwatering meals in the food and beverage outlets.

Sensory experiences play an important role too. What do guests experience when they walk into the lobby? There are specialist companies who are experts at scenting public spaces. They will advise on the most appropriate scent. Citrus scents tend to stimulate people, vanilla calms us down. Another sensory experience is sound – the music that’s being played. Here again there are experts who can advise on the right mix of music to support your brand positioning.

Managing the brand experience for service sector businesses offers such great potential to truly differentiate your brand from those of your rivals.

While ‘brand experience’ have become buzzwords but, in practice, it takes considerable planning and hard work.