Brands as a source of inspiration and transformation


Branding should be an exciting journey with the role of consultants or advisors being to lead you successfully to rewarding places you might not otherwise have visited – placing your brand at the centre of everything you do.

After all, brands are the source-code for all corporate activity. Clear and distinctive positioning is the basis for building great brands . . . brands that resonate with their customers, building powerful and enduring emotional bonds.

When brands are strategically sound they become a source of inspiration and transformation for the people that own and operate them.

Inspiration because they lift the spirits of the people who own and deliver them. Employees are proud of great brands. You only have to step into Starbucks to pick up on the brand-induced energy their front-line staff have. Inspiration works ‘back of house’ too. Knowing that one is an important part of delivering a great brand unites the staff who toil behind the scenes – invisible, below the waterline. The 7/8 of the brand iceberg customers don’t usually see.

Transformation because a powerful vision for your brand has a ripple effect throughout the organization. Aligning the operations of the business behind an inspiring vision is no easy matter. Ensuring all your marketing and communications activities are on-brand is harder still. Exploring your entire value chain takes the brand to suppliers and out to distributors and retailers.  

Taking this holistic approach to branding ensures you leverage the brand to maximum effect. It places the more mechanistic, communications-only approach to branding in the shade.