What if you could identify additional sources of revenue for your business and create a plan to access them?

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Hospitality Revenue Building Workshop

We've created a unique Revenue Builder Programme to help hospitality clients build additional revenue - both through short-term actions and longer-term marketing and branding activities. 


Based on our experience in the hospitality industry we have created a Hospitality Revenue Map – which identifies the complete set of revenue building opportunities for hotels, restaurants and spas.

The process:

  • Review all you revenue generating operations.

  • Identify ways of increasing revenue from existing sources as well as NEW revenue building opportunities.

  • Create a Revenue Building Plan to achieve your revenue targets.

  • Coach you and your staff as you implement the plan - with monthly reviews and enhancements.

The benefits of the Revenue Builder:

  • Achieve additional revenue from existing sources.

  • Build revenue from new sources.

  • Do all this in a way which builds your brand image and presence in the market place.


Clients can access the Hospitality Revenue Builder service through the following options:

  • In-House Revenue Building Workshop - with your management team - to create the Revenue Builder Plan.

    • This includes:

      • Revenue Source Audit.

      • Half-Day Revenue Builder Workshop.

      • Revenue Builder Plan.

      • Coaching of your team to implement the plan and monitor results.

  • Group Workshops

    • Attend one of our group workshops and learn the basics of the Revenue Builder Programme.

    • This includes:

      • Overview of the Revenue Builder Programme.

      • How to create your own Revenue Builder Plan.

      • Online support as you build and implement your plan.


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